Hey, I'm Ahsante! I'm a filmmaker and multimedia storyteller (full portfolio here). I'm an all-around creative with experience in video production, graphic design, fine art, dance, vocal music, theater, piano, and fashion. 

On my YouTube channel AhsantetheArtist I create videos on a range of topics: from discussion vlogs on social issues and daily experiences, to videos that advise on pursuing higher education, lifestyle videos, and pure expressions of creativity like short films and music videos. Though varied in content, all of my videos work through an artistic, spirited, and thoughtful lens. 

A lover of both the arts and the sciences, I'm interested in the intersection of art, design, and technology. I got my Bachelor's from Harvard University, having majored in visual and environmental studies (film focus) and minored in computer science. I'm currently based in Washington, D.C. and work full-time at PBS on content and audience engagement for PBS Digital Studios.

Upcoming Events

My docket is clear at the moment - If you’d like me to speak at your conference or meetup about media, creativity, or diversity, please get in touch! Past events are listed below.


I love hearing from viewers and readers about how they've found my work to be useful, or topics they'd like me to address. Feel free to send me a comment! My bandwidth for answering personal questions is limited, so please check the FAQs (and Google) beforehand.

For business inquiries: I’ll only respond to those proposals that are a good match for my schedule and interest. If you have an opportunity for media production, creative consulting, or a speaking/ hosting engagement, I'm particularly keen to chat. Currently, I am not interested in joining a youtube network.

Past Events

Vidcon 2017 (U.S.)
June 21-24, 2017 - Anaheim, CA
Featured Creator at the 8th Annual VidCon, the largest conference for online video
Panels included: "Less Than Famous" (moderator), "#YouTubeBLACK", "Alternate Careers in Online Video", "Women Online Discussion" and "Dungeons and Dragons with PBS Digital Studios"

Nerdcon: Nerdfighteria
February 25-26, 2017 - Boston, MA
Panelist at NerdCon: Nerdfighteria, a conference celebrating the nerdy, fun, creative, brainy online community of Nerdfighteria
Panels included: "What is a Nerdfighter" and "Having A Job While YouTubing"

VidCon 2016
June 23-25, 2016 - Anaheim, CA
Featured Creator at the 7th Annual VidCon, the largest conference for online video.
Panels included: "What Does It Take To Build Your Audience", "Diversity On YouTube", and "Women On YouTube Discussion"
Organizer and Host of the YouTubeBLACK meetup, a gathering for black creators.

VidCon 2015
July 23-25, 2015 - Anaheim, CA
Panelist on the "Less Than Famous" panel at the 6th Annual VidCon.