Starting to Blog

So I’ve been wanting to start blogging for a while now (a really long while), and now I’m finally writing my first post. I’m starting to blog as a way to share my experiences and thoughts with others.  It seems like some people these days start blogs to get recognized, make money, or fall in with the latest trend. Although those would all be nice side effects, I feel like this blog will mostly serve as a way to communicate to my family and friends, and serve as a mode of reflection and discussion. I’ve had this idea that blogging can make you a better person. It seems akin to journaling, which can help you better reflect upon and synthesize your experiences. However, better than journaling, blogging allows for others to interact with and share in your discoveries, and potentially learn from your observations. Not to mention that I’ll be more likely to keep up with writing knowing that someone will actually be reading.

These feelings seem to be echoed in a blog post I read recently called 15 Reasons I Think You Should Blog  by Joshua Becker on Becoming Minimalist. In the post, Becker explains that in doing routine writing and life-reflection, you’ll become a better writer, you’ll take time to think about what shapes your actions and your world view, you’ll look for meaningful things in life, you’ll interact with new people, and you’ll inspire others.  I realize that those things will all take time, and it might be a while before this blog develops into its full potential, but now seems like a great time to start.