Radiate Joy - A Poem

Radiate Joy by Ahsante Bean

She greets me, Arms wide, Smile broad, “¿¡Ay mi amor como estás!?”

You’d think it had been ages But I’d seen her just the other day She’d greeted me in that same way

Genuinely glad to see me And I am glad to be me in her presence, She is the essence of vigor and vitality She transforms my reality She radiates joy, and I bask in her warmth

She melts my worry and self-doubt Reminds me things figure themselves out Me with my cynicism, nerves, fear, woe Faced with the prospect of what life can be if you just let it go

She pushes me to move to action, Leading by example, ignoring distraction Because, why fret over an outcome that you can sway Why put off what you can accomplish today

Openness is just her way She frankly says what’s on her mind Because she doesn’t have the time to hint and hesitate

She unabashedly appreciates the world around her

The pattern carved into sand, the gentle softness of your hand, The masonry of the wall, the richness of the food She takes note of it all, and expresses her gratitude

Hearty in her approbation and lavish in her praise She reminds me of the ways In which I take my friends for granted

But no, not her She exudes those emotions that often go unspoken That love, that joy, that appreciation of the little things

The positivity she brings, is remarkably impressive Not a delayed flight, Not a check that’s half made Not an overpriced cab Can rain on her parade

She will march, Through sadness and through loss, Not dwelling in misery and grief, But remembering with relief That she has lived and loved and been loved

She celebrates what was – and relishes what is

Her love, like that from above Given freely, wanting nothing but love in return Given unconditionally, not something you deserved or earned Given not because of who you are, but because of who He is

And this is who she is She who needs no reason to smile She who walks with a light spirit and a generous heart She who serves as a guide, a mentor, and a confidant

And in the end, I feel so blessed to have her as a friend