Being Back

Harvard Yard at 4am

Harvard Yard at 4am

At first I was honestly not excited to be back on campus. The sunny serenity of beautiful Buenos Aires left nothing to be desired from the stressful Harvard winter that I knew awaited me. Nevertheless, I convinced myself to look forward to a new beginning of a new semester.

I was surprised at how warmly people greeted me, and how many people had remembered that I had been away. It makes you feel like you're a part of a community when people miss you when you're gone, and check in on your facebook once and a while. It's nice to be able to reach people digitally when you can be there in person. Coming back to campus and having a host of smiling faces greeting me and eagerly asking me how I've been reminds me that my time slugging it out in the Harvard grind has not been in vain. It's been wonderful to see people again.

It's amazing how many details of life you take for granted. After being away for 9 months, you forget the name of that hall that houses Ticknor Lounge. You forget that you're supposed to send emails before you check out cameras. You remember the face but forget just where you met that person who probably took some class with you maybe once. You no longer have the shuttle schedules memorized by heart.

I will still have the urge to say "mira vos!" when someone does something surprising or impressive. I will still begrudge the fact that a $5 bottle of wine there tastes infinitely better than the cheap stuff you find over here. I will still wish, every time I pass someone in the hall who hurries by with their head down, that I was back in the mellow Argentinian rhythm of saying hello to everyone I meet.

But as the trauma of the first midterm passes and I settle in for one of many semi all-nighters to come, the reality sets in. At least for now, I'm back.