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My Newly Purchased First Flask

My Newly Purchased First Flask

Yesterday I bought a flask. I'm not a big drinker, and I don't plan on covertly spiking any punch bowls, but that particular style of flask had caught my attention at the same artisan's table about a month earlier. It's bound in leather stained a deep cool purple, with ornamental metalwork and inset rose decoration on the front, and strikes me as simply beautiful. I thought to myself: this is something handcrafted by a local artist, it's unique, it's something that I've never bought before, plus it's in my favorite color. So being my newly empowered 21-year old self I bought my first (and probably only) flask.

I don't know when I'll use it, but for me merely having it means something. My cute little flask, it's only 3oz, is about having the conviction and agency to make that decision myself. I am mature enough to control how I treat my body. It says that I am allowed to indulge, but I won't be over-indulging. I have yet to buy myself a drink in public, but my cute little flask says that I could bring my own. I don't have to go to someone else for pleasure; I can take care of myself.

My cute little flask serves me. It is personal; it can't be wielded like a grand torch, it can't serve a whole room, but it can be just what I need it to be. It's that extra bit of courage, that added bit of muscle, that little kick to get me through. Not everyone needs to know where I got it; not everyone needs to know the mysteries of my charm. I am allowed to have a little secret power of my own.

My cute little flask is a feminist. It takes a something often seen as manly and gives it a feminine twist without being any less functional. It makes a statement: yes, I am bold enough to bring my own, what about it? I've got game just as bad as yours. I look fabulous, but you can bet I pack a punch.

So I bought the flask, but not so that I could walk around tipsy all day. I bought it as a bit of private joy and personal power. I bought it to be whatever I need it to be. And it's just adorable.