Letter to Santa - 2014

My letter (below), abbreviated in a video as a part of Paul Roth's Letters to Santa series 

Dear Santa,

I'm not really sure what I deserve this year. I guess you would know that better than I do? But I'm honestly not even sure what I should want. I guess I've been pretty good. I've been a friendly traveler, a diligent student, and advocate for change, a grateful daughter, sister, and friend. I'm sure I've had my coal-filled moments. But I'm doing what I can with what I have, to leave this place better than I found it. I'm trying. Which list does that put me on?

It's interesting how your perception of Christmas changes as you grow up. When December 1st once meant the promise of jovial spirits and gaiety, now it's the promise of finals, on top of finals, sleepless nights, and tired souls. Hearing holiday music as I shuttle between classes just makes me resent that I'm not at home sipping on my mother's homemade cocoa. Consumed with work, I can't begin appreciating the holidays until they're smacking me in the face in late December. Do adults have this much work leading up to the holidays? I hope not.

This Christmas, I wish for rest, healing, and breathing room. I wish for space to wake up and smell the peppermint and the pine trees. I wish for a life where I can enjoy the holidays, with family. I wish for things I can't quite see, but know will come eventually.

..and for a college diploma. But I guess for that I'll have to wait until spring.

Sincerely, Ahsante