Primark Comes to Boston + Haul

I am all about getting fashionable clothes for cheap, so when I heard that Primark was opening up a location in Boston (and then googled Primark to see what it was) I had to go check it out. I was impressed. They give you huge bags in which to place all your goodies, and the location has 4 stories covering everything from women's, men's, intimates, shoes, children's and home. I've been back twice and every time the store is buzzing.

Their prices are certainly enticing. Cami's for $2, cute tops and business pants for $9, backpacks for $10 - cheaper than Forever21 but better quality. I like that their items are basic enough for people to not realize every time that you (or someone else) wears it. If you peruse some of their bolder, statement pieces (that are on the first floor), the prices go up to what you'd normally expect to pay. I reckon that's how they keep business going.

Since Primark doesn't have a website for you to look through their selection, people find Primark hauls to be particularly useful. And since I had the goods, I thought I'd show them off. But since I find most hauls to be tediously long and uninteresting in their presentation, I'm showing of my finds by dancing. And so I give you, the Primark Dance Haul. Enjoy!