New Years Resolutions - 2016

The only picture I took on new years

The only picture I took on new years

Last year I didn't make resolutions because I knew 2015 would be an unpredictable year of great change. Having found more focus and graduated college, I feel ready to commit to something besides doing homework.

1. Lose Weight

No really, roll your eyes if you want, but I'm so serious about this. I was the closest to my ideal weight in 11th grade when I was 17. Since then, through the busyness and stress of senior year of high school and 4 years of college, I've gained 30lbs. I've managed to not gain any weight since college, but I could stand to loose the 30lbs (because who wants to peak at 17?).  And I've already lost 3lbs since the new year, so let's goooooo.

2.  Find a job

Typical goal for a recent grad, right? I've been freelancing, but I'm looking for something full time in media production. To that effect, I've been networking and getting re-acquainted with D.C. While the end of the year isn't the best time to be job hunting, it's a great time to meet people. I went to a slew of holiday parties which I thoroughly enjoyed (see my review here), and came away more familiar with the D.C. creative scene. This year I'll be following up with connections I've recently made, keeping up with old ones, and reaching out to new ones.

3. Balance production with consumption

I produced a LOT of content in 2015. Between film studies, and work, and YouTube, I produced 65 videos & short films last year. Add that to other editing & videography work on top of research and writing papers; I was constantly cranking. Anything I watched, read, or listened to was probably for work or educational purposes. While I'm still reading books on filmmaking and refining my craft, I'd like to take more time this year to consume media for pure enjoyment and participation in culture. I've abandoned reading books simply for pleasure, and that's something I want to get back to. At the same time I'd like to remain present and productive on the interwebs. Speaking of which...

4. Blog more

This blog just got life breathed back in to it. This year I'll be blogging more frequently, sharing my reflections on culture, art, fashion, food, & lifestyle. The blog will be a great way to discuss things that work better in writing than on video, and to express thoughts and updates more quickly. I hope you'll join me!

5. Spice up the Tube

I definitely want to stay active on YouTube, but I also want to push the creativity in my videos. I never intended for "AhsantetheArtist" to be a primarily vlog channel, but I just fell into vlogs and a relatively easy and quick format to produce, which was essential during college. I still think vlogs are a great way to express ideas, especially when it comes to social issues, but now that I have more time for myself during my nights and weekends, I hope to do more filmic videos as well. I'd love to do more comedic writing and play around with animation, color, and effects. This will probably mean I can't churn videos out as quickly, but in 2016 I'll focus on quality over quantity. Check out this video for more of my YouTube related resolutions.

6. Prioritize personal wellness

The fact that this is last on my resolution list tells you something about my past personal habits. When things got busy with school, work, or online, I would always put myself last. Particularly in college, there were plenty of all-nighters in the library, 3am burger runs, skipped showers, weeks of insomnia cookies, and days of speaking only to Dewey Decimal (remember that weight gain I mentioned earlier?). Not pretty, and not mentally or physically healthy. 2016 will be a year of guarding my sleep, watching what I eat, meditating, bible reading, exercising, and making a point to socialize even when I tend towards productive isolation.

And so those are my new years resolutions. Are you making resolutions this year? Leave me a comment and let me know!