My Winding Journey Through Post Grad Adulting

Move. Start getting situated. Surprise! Move again. That's been the rhythm of my life. I've moved 10 times and had 4 jobs since graduating last year. An average of every other month I've had to find a new place, meet new roommates, and cough up advance rent. I've been chasing opportunities, bouncing between sublets, and taking things one month at a time.

The Children's Programming team at WGBH, where I spent most of this year.

The Children's Programming team at WGBH, where I spent most of this year.

It's been challenging but rewarding. With no sense of stability or routine, I haven't been able to hit my stride in terms of how I want to live. My commute has ranged from 15 minutes to an hour and a half, so I don't have a consistent morning or night routine. I'm always in various states of unpacking, so I've become used to dealing with an abbreviation of the full range of personal maintenance tools - from kitchenware to hygiene products. My metal bed breaks down into pieces, and I'm an expert at disassembly. Craigslist has gone from a stranger to a familiar colleague with whom I check back frequently. After preparing 7 boxes to ship down the coast, the FedEx worker complimented how well I had packed them. I've got this down to a science. I don't bother throwing the boxes out when I arrive; I know I might need them again soon.

It's definitely been worth it. I've gotten to work in corporate video production, scope out the freelance film scene, do lots of networking, and work in public media, children's media, and digital media. I feel like I've inadvertently done a sampling of possible career paths I've been considering, and have peered inside the door of respected institutions. Although I feel (almost) as unsettled as I did when I graduated, I know much more about how media is produced, how the systems of media companies work, and how to navigate those systems.

My most recent switch has been starting a job at PBS Digital Studios. When the opportunity came my way, I was beyond excited. It combines my love of public media with my love of YouTube - not to mention getting to work with an awesome team and a fun and informative slate of programs. It seems like a perfect fit for me, and I don't see myself leaving anytime soon, so barring catastrophe the next place I land should last me a while. The apartment hunt is upon me once again, but hopefully I'll be able to live with a friend this time. Twice I've been kicked out of month-to-month places by landlords wanting to renovate, so I'd like to sign a lease that lets me stay for at least a year. Please let me stay somewhere at least a year. That's normally how this goes, right?

A few months from now I would love to be talking about what I work into my morning routine, how I've gotten in shape, and the ways I manage my time. I'm just going to need a little permanence first. I made a video about a month ago on a similar note (which you can check out below), although it seems like I might not make my projected December deadline. Here's to finally getting settled in 2017.