My Anger is Completely Justified

My anger is completely justified
I may not be in the mood to analyze or problematize or deconstruct it
I don't owe you an explanation  
I just need you to understand that I am hurting

Physically and emotionally wounded, brutalized, villainized
Left to rot in the street for 4 hours

This is about authority abusing their powers
This is about a system built on oppression
This is about #BlackLivesMatter and #BlackWomenMatter
And if you have a problem with that then you can stick...

To your beliefs and I'll stick with mine
Right now I don't have the time, or energy to fight you
Right now it's not about you
Standing in your judgment and disdain
While I'm reeling with the pain of 6 shots in the back

My people are under attack
Taking our suffering for journalistic abuse
Our murder is being played on the 5 o'clock
and 6 o'clock
and 7 o'clock news

Our culture is commodified
Our torture is shock value
But our capacity, resilience, and brilliance are not valued

Maybe later we'll discuss
Debate, rant, fuss
Talk ourselves in circles, if not ever moving forward
Reason with guilt and blame and the injustice system

But right now, I've just been shot
Slammed to the ground

And my pain
My grief
My anger
Is completely justified

#JusticeForAltonSterling #JusticeForPhilandoCastile #BlackLivesMatter