I'm Tired of This

I've been pushing myself pretty hard lately. For the past year and a half I've spent every weekend occupied. Moving house and setting up my life and my finances has taken up most of my weekends, and the rest have been spent producing just enough content to keep my channel alive, and occasionally going to see friends so just enough to keep my relationships alive.

And this past week, I couldn't do it. I've finished moving, I'm out of a stressful period at my day job, and I couldn't bring myself to grind at night on my channel after grinding all day at work. So I took some much needed time to Netflix and chill (literally...just Netflix and hanging around).

So here's a little reminder that sometimes it's okay to give it a rest. We all have goals and ambitions, but pushing towards them all the time will lead you to burn out. That's where I've been at lately - and there's nothing like some quality chill time.