Why I'm Still A Nerdfighter and NerdCon Nerdfighteria

Sitting here still wearing my NerdCon Nerdfighteria wristband wondering what keeps bringing me back to a community who’s members in many ways seem so different from myself. 

Nerdfighteria is my corner pub on a Friday night. It’s not the place I grew up, it’s not a place where people share my cultural experiences, cultural identity, or cultural taste. I can’t say that Nerdfighteria is home. And being able this past weekend to witness what was, for some people, a homecoming and reunion, was truly beautiful and made me wish I felt the same. But for me, Nerdfighteria is the bar where I go out to meet new people and feel good feelings. It’s a mixed crowd where I meet my usual friends, and am always making new ones who I wouldn’t have met otherwise. I like the music, not because it’s my genre, but because it generates good vibes and interesting conversation. The seats are hard and the floor is sticky, but comfort isn’t conducive to growth. Nerdfighteria keeps me learning about others, and in having to explain myself keeps me learning personally too. And we’re all there because we’re into the signature brew John and Hank serve up, steeped in awesome with undertones of imagining others complexly and making the world a better place. 

I didn’t know Nerdfigheria when it was just a hole in the wall. I caught it in the middle of its expansion and my experience is less connected to the original owners and more connected to the community that brought it to life and made it the best joint on the block. It’s a colorful, multifaceted community that has somehow over time woven together to form something complex, comforting, and bigger than all of us. I’m incredibly grateful to Hank and John for building this fine establishment, and at the end of the week when I’m weary of the ways of the world, it’s a great place to hang out. Cheers to 10 years.