#Resist - 5 Ways to Take Action and Fight Back in 5 Minutes

We're not even one month into the Trump administration, and the shockwaves keep rolling in. From the travel ban to rolling back health care, gun policy to privatizing national parks, sketchy Russian ties to threatening free speech, Donald is starting to wreak havoc on our systems of government and diplomacy. It's time to take action.  Here are 5 actions that you can take in 5 minutes to resist Donald Trump's policies and the alt-right agenda. 


1. Call your representatives.

If you’ve never called your congressman before, now’s the time. The website 5calls.org is a great place to start. They provide phone numbers of your representatives, along with scripts based on different issues you may be passionate about. The ACLU also has a list of phone calls you can make to take action, along with contacts and scripts. And they also have a list of petitions you can sign while you’re there: https://www.aclu.org/action

2. Don’t forget about the midterms.

We only have 2 years between elections; we need to be back at the polls in 2018. It’s not too early to start thinking about local campaigns and who you can help. The site Swingleft.org is a tool that can tell you where your nearest swing district is, so you can know where to throw your political efforts. If you don't think the midterms make a difference, check out the Frontline documentary Divided States of America to see how they affected the previous administration.

3. Get your people. 

There are likely people that you know: family members, neighbors, old friends, who voted for Trump. Those are the people who already know and respect you; those are the people you can access. Talk to them about your beliefs and have those tough conversations. If they say things that are problematic - call them on it. And I feel like particularly if you’re a progressive white person, the onus is on you to talk to your other fellow white people, because they are not listening to us. Sure it may be difficult, but that’s why it’s called resistance. That’s what true allyship looks like.

4. Get organized.

Find a community organization, and get involved. Many organizations are already out there doing work to uplift and empower the community towards different ends. If you went to one of the many women’s marches, you may be interested in organizing through  WomensMarch.com . They currently have actions for the first 100 days, including several meetups or “huddles".  Something quick and easy you can do is just to look up some organizations that are relevant to your priorities, and find a local chapter in your area.

5. Stay Informed

The easiest and simplest thing that you can do right now is to sign up for Jennifer Hofmann’s Weekly Action Checklist for Americans with a Conscience.  Jen sends out a new list of action steps and good news updates every week. It’s relevant to the current happenings there are links to resources, references, worksheets, phone numbers, lots of good information and I would highly recommend it. You can also check out The Resistance Manual, another great resource for updated info.

Go forth, grab back, resist.