I love hearing from viewers and readers about how they've found my work to be useful, or topics they'd like me to address. Feel free to send me a comment!

I currently don’t do personal life coaching or academic consulting. I get many requests for personalized advice. If I spoke to everyone individually, I’d never have enough time to make videos, and videos allow me to share what I know on a larger scale. My bandwidth for answering personal questions is limited, so please check the FAQs (and Google) beforehand.

For business inquiries: I’ll only respond to those proposals that are a good match for my schedule and interest. If you have an opportunity for media production, creative consulting, or a speaking/ hosting engagement, I'm particularly keen to chat. Talk soon!

Upcoming Events

My docket is clear at the moment - If you’d like me to speak at your conference or meetup about media, creativity, or diversity, please get in touch!

Past Events

Vidcon 2018 (U.S.)
June 20-23, 2018 - Anaheim, CA
Speaker at the 9th Annual VidCon, the largest conference for online video
Events included: "We're Here: Talking About Marginalized Identities" and "Spoken Word Open Mic"

Vidcon 2017 (U.S.)
June 21-24, 2017 - Anaheim, CA
Featured Creator at the 8th Annual VidCon, the largest conference for online video
Panels included: "Less Than Famous" (moderator), "#YouTubeBLACK", "Alternate Careers in Online Video", "Women Online Discussion" and "Dungeons and Dragons with PBS Digital Studios"

Nerdcon: Nerdfighteria
February 25-26, 2017 - Boston, MA
Panelist at NerdCon: Nerdfighteria, a conference celebrating the nerdy, fun, creative, brainy online community of Nerdfighteria
Panels included: "What is a Nerdfighter" and "Having A Job While YouTubing"

VidCon 2016
June 23-25, 2016 - Anaheim, CA
Featured Creator at the 7th Annual VidCon, the largest conference for online video.
Panels included: "What Does It Take To Build Your Audience", "Diversity On YouTube", and "Women On YouTube Discussion"
Organizer and Host of the YouTubeBLACK meetup, a gathering for black creators.

VidCon 2015
July 23-25, 2015 - Anaheim, CA
Panelist on the "Less Than Famous" panel at the 6th Annual VidCon.